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Game rules and syndicates

The first, what needs to be done is to register a personal account on the LottoAgent website. Full name is entered there, email address and password. After registration ends, you need to top up your personal account balance, for, to purchase lottery tickets and be able to play the lottery of your choice.

You can deposit money into your account in several ways:

  • Pay with a debit or credit card,
  • Via e-wallets,
  • Through cellular operators.

On the site, each user will be able to choose exactly that lottery, which is interesting to him, eg, American Mega Millions, EuroMillion, OZ Lotto, ElGordo, SuperStar, BonoLoto and others.

For, to increase your chances of winning and get the opportunity to win a large amount, players often form groups - syndicates. According to statistics, 1/5 of all won super prizes belong to such syndicates. It is recommended to join such a group with those people, in which you are sure, so as not to get into a scam.

Sports Lotto scam does not pay.

Many withdrawing this delirium, they will say cool! On your ticket 3 coincidences + combination “PYRAMID” Your winnings are 155 000 RUBLES! I see this every day, and that's not cool, this is pure divorce for money.
Scammers write “To card / email. purse: The cost 490 rub. Withdrawal to any card or electronic wallet. By courier: The cost 1500 rub. Delivery will be made within 24 hours to your apartment. Office not available, because scammers only dream about it” and who got the money? No one! Money so easy cannot be obtained “all at once” doing in a few minutes (nothing).

Don't believe (Online chat) there robots write texts, which were planned in advance. They demand 490 rubles, and delivery 1500 rubles!!! Don't believe, you won't be able to withdraw money… "Sport Lotto You have won a gift ticket" is a fake! After each payment, crooks will redirect you to new divorce pages, and each time they will extort money under different pretexts.Other scam sites:,,,,,,,,,,, do not eat.Don't trust scammers, and fraudulent sites! Friends if you want
learn how to make money correctly, definitely try
proven earning schemes, which I requested verification from specialists and
fully meet the service requirements, where are they located. Not necessary
try to work for years, to make a profit, examine these schemes and
start making money tomorrow.

How to win the lottery and get your prize at LottoAgent

Any lottery participant is trying to find a way to increase the chances of winning. To the AgentLotto website

it is possible. The easiest way is to purchase more than one, and several tickets of the selected lottery. The second option is to join a syndicate, where each participant purchases several tickets. And the third option is participation in various promotions, valid when buying a large number of tickets.

When, if luck smiled at you, and you won the lottery, money will be credited to your personal LottoAgent account, which you can transfer to your card or e-wallet without any difficulties. If you hit Jack Pot, then the administration of AgentLotto will contact you, to advise on further actions. The LottoAgent organization has been working in this niche not so long ago, but proved to be excellent, which is confirmed by numerous positive reviews about her.

No more Scam

Scam prevention is our first and most important goal. The danger is widespread on the Internet, and the chances of becoming a victim of another scam are very real. That's when we step up.

We give you exact, relevant and researched content, so you can make an informed decision and never fall into the trap of scammers. Our team guarantees up-to-the-minute updates from various online lottery agents.

Our team's experience is based on mutual passion and years of experience in playing lottery games. We want, to keep you safe! That's why we invite you to come back here often., to check our daily updated list of approved lottery agents and choose the right one for you.

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