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Gambling business in new zealand - history, legislation and their casinos

Popular games

41% New Zealanders play more often, than once a week. Only 10% older players 18 years playing every week. Among them, men are more represented., players by age 55-64 years and maori. On average, a player spends USD per month 41. Men spend more, than women. Only 10% adults are at risk.

The lottery is played 30% players. Favorite lottery - Lotto, it is in her that most residents play with such frequency.

Also popular:

  • horse or dog racing bets;
  • Instant Kiwi game;
  • game

Half of the respondents are satisfied with the number of locations, where can you gamble. About 41% considers, that there are too many gambling sites. Remarkably, that those persons are unhappy with the surplus, who have gambling addiction.

The most undesirable form of gambling business is considered to be electronic slot machines and online gambling in foreign casinos..

Modern gambling business in New Zealand

Согласно статистическим данным за 2016 year, working in New Zealand 6 casino and more 1400 gambling sites. Number of slot machines - more 16 thousand.

Horse racing

Now working in the country 52 hippodrome, where more than 3000 races. The prize pool is over USD 50 million. A monopoly on horse racing 1951 has been holding Totalisator Agency Board for a year (TAB) или New Zealand Racing Board.

A certain percentage of each bet is withheld and then returned to the development of the industry. New Zealand Racing Board in fiscal 2015 year made USD 140 million for the development of clubs and infrastructure.


Lotteries are now quite popular in New Zealand.. The largest is the state lottery Lotto. Players can choose from different forms of games, such, как Powerball и Big Wednesday.

Lottery Grants Board directs around USD 200 million from funds, spent by players, on the development of sports, culture, health care.

Slot machines

Charitable associations run slot machines outside the casino. They are usually located in pubs., hotels and clubs.

The largest number of slot machines in New Zealand was observed in June 2003 of the year - 25 221 machines. From this moment on, the number of slots is gradually decreasing.. Now the country has 16 814 slot machines for more than 1300 playgrounds. You should know, that this figure does not take into account slot machines in casinos, which are a separate accounting item.

Slot machines belong to 4 class of gambling. Administrative districts are quite dependent on the revenue of slot machines and the gambling business in general.

That's why, by the way, most New Zealanders consider gambling, as a positive phenomenon - the opportunity to collect more money for your area or the entire state. (Cm. New Zealand Gambling Demographics Section).

Features of slot machines in New Zealand

All slot machines with 2009 years are necessarily supplied with an information button, which shows, how much money and time the player spent on this machine. It motivates people to play responsibly and take breaks after long sessions..

Also, all slot machines are equipped with EMS – Electronic Monitoring System, electronic monitoring system. She tracks the data of all slot machines in the country. Information is sent to the central monitoring server, where statistics are summarized: how much money was spent on a particular slot machine, how much did he give to the player, what is the income from it, etc..

The percentage of return to the player from the machine, outside the casino, should be 78-92%. Governmental regulators deal with issues of this kind of limits..

Territories with the highest density of slot machines per capita:

  • Kaikoura;
  • Thames-Coromandel;
  • Mackenzie District;
  • Waitomo;
  • Gray District;
  • South Huerarapa;
  • Baller.


Now in New Zealand there is 6 licensed casinos, which are controlled by the government. They are located in cities:

  • Christchurch;
  • Dunedin;
  • Hamilton;
  • Queenstown;
  • Auckland.

The largest casino group - Skycity. Four large casinos belong to her: two - in Queenstown, one in Auckland and one in Hamilton. Two casinos in Dunedin and Christchurch are privately operated. The actions of all gambling establishments are strictly regulated and limited by law.

For example, in May 2013 Auckland Casino Receives Expansion Permit (230 additional slots and 40 gaming tables) only after, how USD invested in the construction of the city convention center 402 million.

Photo source: News of Gambling

Classes of gambling

New Zealand defines 4 class of gambling depending on the size of bets and payments.

First grade:

  • the organizers of the game do not pay any deductions or compensation;
  • gambling activity complies with the rules of the game;
  • no gaming machines are used in the process;
  • prizes or potential casino revenue for one session does not exceed USD 500;
  • if the game is organized by citizens individually, then all profits go to prizes;
  • if the game is organized by the community, then all profits are directed to the needs of society;
  • the game does not require licensing.

Second class:

  • prizes for one session do not exceed USD 5000;
  • potential revenue per session does not exceed USD 25 000;
  • the game of this class can only be organized by society;
  • profit should be directed to the needs of society;
  • consumer information must be clearly spelled out in the game: society name, goals, number of tickets, closing date, prizes, etc.;
  • the game does not require licensing.

Third class:

  • prizes offered or received per game or per session exceed USD 5 000;
  • common forms of play - large-scale lotteries, bingo, instant games and other forms (eg, "Casino evenings");
  • can only be organized by a society or a corporate society;
  • no gambling machine is used in the process;
  • Department of the Interior officials need to be sure, that the activity is financially beneficial, costs are minimized, and the benefit is returned to society as much as possible;
  • the goal must be authoritative;
  • the game is subject to licensing.

Fourth grade:

  • any game, involving the use of a gambling machine outside the casino;
  • can only be organized by a corporate society;
  • the game is organized for reputable purposes only.

Private gambling:

  • It's a game, which is played in a private residence;
  • all bets are returned as prizes to the winners;
  • primarily a social event or entertainment;
  • the organizers are not paid any commissions and rewards;
  • people, not living in the residence, cannot participate in the game;
  • all participants have an equal chance of winning, and only they can win.

Brief description of New Zealand

New Zealand is an island nation in the Pacific Ocean. Its population is 4,5 million people. The country is adjacent to Australia, New Caledonia, Fiji and Tonga. New Zealand has a unique animal world.

Largest cities – Auckland (1 294 000 residents) and Wellington (379 000 residents). Zealand is divided into 16 districts. The population of the country is mainly descendants of the British, Dutch, Germans, "White" South Africans. The indigenous Maori population is 14,6%.

The country's economy is based on agriculture, processing and food industries, and also - tourism. By GNP (gross national product) Zealand occupies 60 place in the world. It is also recognized as one of the best countries to do business..

Online gambling business in New Zealand

New Zealand does not allow the organization of online casinos within the country. Players can legally play at international establishments, whose servers are located abroad. Moreover, their winnings are exempt from income taxes.

As offline, and online, players prefer to play slots, lotteries and sports betting. Rugby bets the most, cricket, football and netball.

List of online casinos for New Zealanders:

  • Casino Mate;
  • Royal Vegas Online Casino;
  • JackpotCity;
  • with.

The most popular online slots among New Zealanders:

  • Game of Thrones;
  • Big Chef;
  • Bar Bar Black Sheep;
  • Fish Party;
  • Ariana;
  • Ninja Magic.

Which countries are involved?

The list of participating countries is updated annually. This year, almost all the former republics of the USSR were included in it.. But for the inhabitants of Russia there are some subtleties.. First of all, the so-called Northern Territories. Russians, born on the Japanese-contested Iturup Islands, Kunashir, Shikotan Habomai, must indicate Japan as their place of birth. But the Americans do not support Japanese claims to South Sakhalin: those born here must indicate the RF, as a place of birth.

Holders of a passport in the Russian Federation can take part in the lottery. Изображение с сайта

Regarding Crimea in the instructions for DV-Lottery 2022 no special information. But it is not necessary - the United States does not consider the peninsula to be Russian. And by the logic of things, adult applicant, born in Crimea, was born in Ukraine.

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