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Here at Multilotto we offer you the most generous and innovative lotto bonuses and promotions. How would you feel with an attractive welcome deposit bonus, a risk-free lottery bet or a money back guarantee game? Maybe your first lotto bet is free or you get a couple of free lotto lines if you invite a friend? You are highly valued as a lotto player at Multilotto and we want to make sure to reward you with great lotto promotions that you will find waiting for you in your account. Multilotto offers you the best lotto promotions and lottery deals for the world’s greatest draws such as Powerball, Mega Millions, Eurojackpot and Euromillions! You can now get more for your money without unnecessary and confusing bonus codes or promotion links when you play lotto online, and Multilotto is here to offer you the best lottery deals available!All deposit bonuses are subjected to a turnover requirement. This means that both the deposited sum and any additional bonus money must be wagered or played through a certain amount of times, prior to making a withdrawal. For all lotto bonuses the turnover requirement is 1 time.

Different types of lotto bonuses and other promotions

What is a Deposit bonus?The lotto deposit bonus is commonly seen in welcome offers for new customers. When using a deposit bonus on Multilotto, your deposit will be multiplied with a certain percentage up to a certain amount. For example, if you deposit €10 using a 100% deposit bonus you will be given an extra €10, leaving you with a total of €20 to use on any of the lotteries offered on Multilotto.

What are free lotto bets?
A free bet is a promotion that lets you play one line on a lottery of your choosing, with the possibility to win prizes including the Jackpot, for free. Using a free bet is identical to purchasing a line using your own lotto balance, thus no differences in the outcome of a draw nor on the payout.

What is money back?The money back bonus is a reward that allows you play a risk free lotto game up to a certain amount. This means that you are guaranteed to get your money back from that specific order in case the draw doesn’t generate you a win. The guaranteed sum will automatically be credited to your Multilotto account once the outcome of the draw is finalized.

What does discount mean?
A discount means change in pricing of the lotteries that gives you the possibility to buy lines for a lottery draw at a discounted price. Discounts may vary between 50-70% of the standard line price.

What is a trial subscription?
A trial subscription is a promotion which gives you the chance to play your lotto numbers on a subscription, with your lines automatically renewed after each draw at a lower price per month

Bonus Balance Explanation

In your active Deposit Bonus you will see two balances.

Contributed Money
> The money you deposited to activate the bonus, this will be used first when you play. If the bonus expires, this money will be converted to real money.

Bonus Money
> The extra money you receive when making a deposit using a specific bonus, or the money won by free tickets/free spins, or given by a money back bonus after a lost bet. Once you complete the bonus turnover requirements it will be converted to real money. If the bonus expires, your bonus money will be cleared.

There will be three amounts showing in your account balance:

Real Money Balance
> Your unrestricted fund, you can use it to either play with or withdraw it at anytime.

Lotto Balance
> Your total contributed money and bonus money of all activated bonuses available for use on lotto games.

Casino Balance
> Your total contributed money and bonus money of all activated bonuses available for use on casino games.

For example, if you deposit €10 using a 100% deposit bonus on lotto games, you will be given an extra €10 called Bonus Money, i.e. a total of €20 will be credited to your account. The Bonus Money will be distributed like this: Contributed Money(Lotto)= €10, Bonus Money(Lotto)=€10. This money can be used on any lotteries offered at Multilotto.


Az Цtцslottу esetйn 90 szбmbуl 5-цt kell megjelцlni.
Az nyer, aki a kisorsolt lottуszбmok (5 db) kцzьl legalбbb kettхt eltalбlt egy szбmmezхben, йs akkor van telitalбlata (lottу цtцs), ha a megjelцlt mind az цt
szбm egyezik a kisorsolt lottуszбmokkal. Ez a klasszikus lottу, amit mбr 1957 уta
jбtszhatunk ebben a formбban.

Цtцslottу nyerхszбmok
2021. 3. heti (sorsolбs: 2021.01.23.) lottуszбmok:
  • 22
  • 34
  • 52
  • 63
  • 85
Цtцslottу nyeremйnyek
Db Nyeremйny
4 33 1 476 095 Ft
3 2520 21 085 Ft
2 68744 1 995 Ft
  Joker szбmok

Nincs 5 talбlatos szelvйny az Цtцslottуn, tovбbb hнzik a lottу nyeremйny.A kцvetkezх hйten vбrhatу fхnyeremйny az Цtцslottуn (egy nyertes esetйn): 1,14 milliбrd Forint!
Цtцslottу lottуszбmok
kцv. sorsolбsa:

Duna TV,

januбr 30, szombat 18:30 йs 19:30 kцzцtt,
friss adatok 20:30 utбn. A lottуszбmokat szombat 17:30-ig jбtszhatod meg.

  • Цtцslottу eddigi nyerхszбmai
  • Nyertek mбr valaha az бltalad jбtszott lottуszбmok az Цtцslottуn? Ellenхrizd
  • Statisztika: Цtцslottу nyerхszбmok eddigi elхfordulбsi gyakorisбga
  • Mi lenne ha megnyernйd az eheti fхnyeremйnyt? Бlmodozz йs kalkulбlj! — lottу nyeremйny kalkulбtor
  • Цtцslottу szбmok, tippek, kockбzatmentes ingyenes tippjбtйk
  • Bejцttek a lottуszбmok? Szerinted a kьlfцldi lottуkon milyen eredmйnyt йrnйl el?

Skandinбv lottу

Az 1999 уta jбtszott Skandinбv lottу jбtйkban 35 szбmbуl 7-et kell megjelцlni. A lottу szбmok kцzьl 7 szбmot gйppel, 7 szбmot kйzzel hъznak ki.
A jбtйkos akkor nyer, ha bбrmelyik — kйzzel, vagy gйppel — kisorsolt 7 lottуszбmbуl mezхnkйnt legalбbb 4 talбlata van. Akбr mindkйt sorsolбson lehet

Skandinбv lottу szбmok
2021. 4. heti (sorsolбs: 2021.01.27.) lottуszбmok:
Gйpi sorsolбsъ lottуszбmok:
  • 1
  • 12
  • 16
  • 22
  • 25
  • 29
  • 34
Kйzi sorsolбsъ lottуszбmok:
  • 5
  • 9
  • 18
  • 23
  • 25
  • 30
  • 33
Skandinбv lottу nyeremйnyek
Db Nyeremйny
7 1 56 112 210 Ft
6 65 256 645 Ft
5 2555 6 530 Ft
4 38675 1 610 Ft
  Joker szбmok
Volt telitalбlat a Skandinбv lottуn!A kцvetkezх hйten vбrhatу fхnyeremйny a Skandinбv lottуn (egy nyertes esetйn): 40 milliу Forint!
Skandinбv lottуszбmok
kцv. sorsolбsa:

Duna TV,

februбr 3, szerda kb. 20:30,
friss adatok 21:00 utбn. A lottуszбmokat szerda 18:00-ig jбtszhatod meg.

  • Skandinбv lottу nyerхszбm-tippek, kockбzatmentes ingyenes tippjбtйk
  • Nyertek mбr valaha az бlalad hasznбlt lottуszбmok a Skandinбv lottуn? Ellenхrizd
  • Mi lenne ha megnyernйd a Skandinбv lottу mostani fхnyeremйnyйt? Бlmodozz йs kalkulбlj!
  • A Skandinбv lottу a kedvenced, nyertйl mбr? Szavazz, йs nйzd meg, hogy a tцbbiek melyik lottуt szeretik!
  • Eddigi Skandinбv lottу sorsolбsok nyerхszбmai
  • Statisztika: Skandinбv lottу nyerхszбmok eddigi elхfordulбsi gyakorisбga

Szerinted manipulбljбk a lottу sorsolбsokat?Van vйlemйnyed a lottуkrуl?Ha igen, нrd meg, szуlj hozzб!(regisztrбciу йs nйv nйlkьl)

Gйpi vagy kйzi lottу hъzбs? Van йrtelme a fхnyeremйny halmozбsбnak? Melyik lottуn jбtszol? Nyertйl mбr?

#5987 ma йn: (#5986 vбlasza)
#5986 Tegnap hukkmukk: (-)
#5985 Tegnap lottozo: (-)

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