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Odd-Even Combinations From The Actual Results Of The TattsLotto

The table below shows the comparison between the expected frequency and the actual frequency taken from the actual 734 draws of the TattsLotto game from January 7, 2006, to February 1, 2020.

We compute the expected frequency using the formula below:

Expected Frequency = Probability X 734 draws

In the case of 3-odd-3-even with a probability of 0.33484590659860100, the predicted frequency is 246.

Here is the complete comparison table:

The table and the graph above show that if we compare the prediction with the actual results, you will see that values are very close. It proves that the TattsLotto follows the dictate of probability.

Fortunately, we can use mathematics to determine the general outcome of the Tattslotto game. Thanks to Probability.

If we are to predict the outcome of the odd and even patterns for Australian Saturday Lotto in 1000 draws, we will come up with this prediction table below:

Pattern Probability Expected Frequency(probability x 1000 draws)
3-odd-3-even 0.33484590659860100 335
4-odd-2-even 0.25113442994895100 251
2-odd-4-even 0.22721686519190800 227
5-odd-1-even 0.09088674607676310 91
1-odd-5-even 0.07436188315371530 74
6-odd-0-even 0.01239364719228590 12
6-even-0-odd 0.00916052183777652 9

As a smart player, you don’t want to waste your money on the last two patterns. You may want to put your money on the first three patterns.

How to Win the TattsLotto

To have a better chance of winning the Saturday TattsLotto, I recommend focussing on combinations with a high ratio of success, especially patterns #1, #2, #3.

Many players try to search for the secret to winning the TattsLotto game, but more often, they fell on something that is outright superstitious.

Rather than relying on a scientific approach, some players stick to the century-old myth of using lucky numbers, hot and cold numbers, psychic prediction, divine spell, dream interpretation, horoscope reading, etc.

You may not be one of them. You’re probably one of those who doesn’t believe in anything supernatural, and you’re only looking for something sensible. Maybe you want to explore the many different ways lotto players fumble around their strategy, please see those lotto strategies that don’t work.

Finally, you don’t need to be a math prodigy. You can use a lotto calculator so you don’t have to do all the heavy combinatorial and probability calculations involved. You can use the lotto number generator without having to know the nitty-gritty aspect of combinatorial math.

The Odds Of The Tattslotto 6/45 Game

The Australian TattsLotto game is a 6/45 lottery format, so the rule is to pick six numbers from 1 to 45. Based on this rule, the number of ways to match six combinations is precisely 8,145,060. The odds, therefore, are said to be 1 to 8 million.

The purpose of the two supplementary balls is to give you additional opportunities to win. Unlike Euro Millions, Euro Jackpot, and the U.S. version of Powerball and Mega Millions, the two supplementary numbers don’t increase the odds of winning the jackpot. Therefore, lotto players will find Tattslotto much easier to win compared to the other lotteries mentioned above.

However, the odds of 1 to 8 million are still monumental, so in perspective, you have a better chance of becoming one of the honorable representatives in the Australian Parliament than winning the TattsLotto.

Another way of looking at it is that, on average, it takes you 8 million attempts to win the jackpot. If you play 100 tickets every week, then you need 81,450 weeks or 1,566 years to win.

1,500 years is such a long waiting game. Fortunately, we can use mathematics to improve your winnability.

We will delve into this mathematical strategy in more detail below.

Of course, the only way to improve your probability of winning is to buy more tickets. But other factors may be considered, such as the way you combine numbers. It’s not enough to buy hundreds of thousands of tickets. You have to buy the right tickets.

But before we go to the details, let’s talk about some of the most important concepts that you need to keep in mind before you delve into the mathematical strategy.

Alternatives to Netlotto

If you’re looking for more games—or simply games beyond Australian lotteries—then take a look at these 3 alternatives:

theLotter Review

You get a lot more than just Australian lotteries.

If you want variety, theLotter is a good place to start. At theLotter, you’ll get 53 lotteries from all over the globe. You’ll also find around 24 syndicate games and a millionaire raffle.

You get more than 6 payment method options.

You can use any of theLotter’s 29 accepted deposit options. These include some of the most popular credit cards and e-wallets.

You have several ways to withdraw your winnings.

theLotter gives you 7 different ways to withdraw your lottery winnings. You can choose which one works best for you.

WinTrillions Review

WinTrillions beats Netlotto when it comes to game variety.

You’re looking at 20 solo games and 13 syndicates with WinTrillions, after all. WinTrillions also offers a variety of millionaire raffles and raffle syndicates.

WinTrillions accepts a ton of payment methods.

WinTrillions accepts 32 payment methods, and it’s one of the few lottery sites that accepts Bitcoin transfers.

You can choose how you claim your winnings.

For winnings $600 below, the money is deposited directly to your account. But for larger wins, WinTrillions handles those on a case-by-case basis. Most of the time, you can either let them claim your winnings on your behalf or claim the money yourself.

LottoKings Review

You’re getting a lot of games.

LottoKings has 19 solo play games, a few syndicates and some raffles.

You decide how you claim your prize.

LottoKings allows players to choose how to claim their jackpot winnings. You can do it on your own, or you can have the company claim it for you. Should you choose the latter, you can get your prize by requesting for a check or by visiting the nearest LottoKings office.

LottoKings only accepts 10 payment methods.


Первоначально игра была точно такой же, как и субботняя лотерея, требуя, чтобы шесть номеров были выбраны из 45. Однако, начиная с 18 октября 2005 года, набиралось седьмое число, значительно увеличивающее шансы выиграть первую призовую часть. В соответствии с этим изменением брендинг Oz Lotto изменился во многих штатах, чтобы подчеркнуть наличие седьмого шара (включая смену названий на такие, как OZ Lotto Super 7 в Таттах и ​​Oz 7 Lotto в Квинсленде). Однако с 2012 года игра вернулась к брендингу Oz Lotto в этих регионах. Oz Lotto гарантирует минимальный призовой фонд в размере 2 миллиона долларов, что меньше, чем в американских и британских лотереях, но тоже неплохо.

Oz Lotto в настоящее время держит рекорд крупнейшего австралийского лотерейного джекпота. Первоначально он был гарантирован в размере 100 миллионов долларов США, четыре победителя разделили пулл дивизиона 1 в размере 111 972 151,04 доллара США в розыгрыше 6 ноября 2012 года.

Mind the ratio

Many lotto players are focusing their attention on the probability of numbers and combinations. To win the game, you need to look at it from a different perspective.

Let me explain.

First, odds and probability are two different terms and they are not mathematically equivalent. The big difference between odds and probability is better explained visually in my article Odds, Probability, and the Lottery.

Knowing the difference between the two is very crucial for lotto players. Because when you try to win the game, the first thing you need to do is to calculate your odds. In mathematical terms, the odds refer to the ratio of success to failure.

While all combinations have the same probability, the whole lottery game comprises of combinatorial groups that exhibit different odds.

It’s your choice of odds that matters.

You cannot change the underlying probability, and you cannot beat the odds of the Tattslotto game. But as a player, you have the power to choose better odds. That’s the role of mathematics.

Mathematics can help you identify the things you don’t have control over to focus on the things you can control easily.

Fortunately, since all lotto games including the Tattslotto are finite games, you can calculate the possible odds and get a better picture of what can make or break your game strategy.

Let me show how it works for the Tattslotto game by comparing 6-low-0-high against 3-low-3-high combinatorial groups.

There are 100,947 ways to combine 6-low-0-high. And there are 8,145,060 combinations in a Lotto 6/45 game. Therefore, a combination of this type is expected to occur approximately once out of 80 times you play the game.

On the other hand, there are 2,727,340 ways to combine 3-low-3-high. That gives you approximately 33 opportunities to match the winning combination out of 100 attempts that you play.

The way to explain the table above is that when you play the 6-low-0-high combination you have 8 million ways to fail thereby giving you less opportunity to win.

And when you play a more balanced combination such as the 3-low-3-high combination, you dramatically decrease the number of ways you will fail and thereby giving you more opportunities to win.

You can see that knowing the ratio of success to failure is crucial in making the right decision when playing the lottery.

That’s the power of precise calculation. We can calculate the possibilities and see how different choices can affect your winnability.

It’s not enough to say that you should not play 1-2-3-4-5-6 or 2-4-6-8-10-12 because they possess the characteristic of a non-random event. In mathematics, we need to explain in the language of numbers and we should never rely on “gut feeling.”

Therefore, to win the Tattslotto game, you have to calculate all the possible odds and make the right choice to get a better ratio of success to failure.

This calculation is best achieved when you understand the composition of different combinations.

Statistics is not the right tool to analyze the Tattslotto game

For years, many lotto players have thought that the way to understand the game is through statistics. They go over historical results and make predictions from their observations. This statistical approach is the popular approach to know which numbers are hot and which ones are cold.

However, the statistical analysis tricks them into thinking they see something that isn’t there.

Statistics and probability are two different fields of mathematics that deals with a problem in different ways.

Whenever there’s a question to solve, the first thing you should do is look at the given facts. And depending on the available information, the problem is either probabilistic or statistical.

If some data are unknown, we resort to sampling and do the usual statistical analysis.

But since a lottery system has a finite set, we know exactly the composition of the game.

In the Tattslotto 6/45 game for example, we know that there are 23 odd numbers and there are 22 even numbers.

If we divide the number field into two, we know that low numbers are from 1 to 23 and that high numbers are from 24 to 45.

Therefore, all questions we ask about Tattslotto’s random behavior are combinatorial and probability problems to solve rather than statistical.

To use statistics to analyze any lottery game is outright wrong.

Now that we know the way to solve the lottery puzzle, it’s high time that we focus our attention on how numbers and combinations behave in a random lottery game.

Умереть, воскреснуть и выиграть лотерею

Пока одни ломают законы судьбы, выигрывая лотереи дважды или даже трижды, другие умирают, возвращаются к жизни и первым делом… тоже выигрывают лотерею. Это может звучать невероятно, но, по крайней мере, один такой случай является документально подтвержденным. Воистину именно из-за таких историй, как эта, австралийские лотереи продолжают быть столь популярными.

Билл Морган был простым дальнобойщиком, и однажды, доставляя ценный груз, он попал в дорожно-транспортное происшествие. В критическом состоянии Моргану дали лекарство, которое вызвало отрицательную реакцию организма, спровоцировав сердечный приступ, который который закончился для дальнобойщика клинической смертью. Продлилась она, правда, всего 14 минут.

Позднее он провел 12 дней в коме, после чего пробудился, преисполненный невиданной ранее жаждой жизни и новых свершений. Он тут же сделал предложение своей девушке, и она согласилась, сделав Билла самым счастливым человеком мире. В честь этого он решил купить лотерейный билет…

Когда Морган выиграл новый автомобиль в лотерее, местные новости проявили к нему небывалый интерес. Они попросили его повторить покупку лотерейного билета, и Морган согласился, после чего тут же выиграл огромную сумму в 250 000 долларов — и все это попало на камеру!

All numbers and combinations in the Tattslotto game have the same probability

Mathematically, all numbers have the same probability. Hot numbers and cold numbers don’t exist in a random lotto game. If you notice that some numbers occur more frequently than others, don’t expect that those numbers are bound to occur more frequently in the future.

According to the law of large numbers, those numbers that occur less frequently will catch up soon. Therefore in a large number of draws, notice that all numbers converge in the same expected value.

In short, no matter what the frequency has been, all the balls will perform equally over time. And therefore trying to predict what numbers will occur in the future is just a futile exercise. It goes to say that analyzing the Tattslotto game based on its historical results is just a waste of time.

And here’s another very important thing to keep in mind. Numbers and combinations are two different terms. While you need to pick numbers to play the lotto 6/45, you have to pick more numbers to make a combination. Please keep in mind that we have to separate numbers from a combination. We will delve into their differences later.

But like numbers, combinations also are equally likely. Meaning even non-random combinations like 1-2-3-4-5-6 or multiples like 5-10-15-20-25-30 have an equal chance of being a winning combination.

The reason all combinations are equally likely is that there’s only one way to win the jackpot.

The same formula applies to all combinations. Therefore, no matter what we do, we can’t change the underlying probability. And no one has the power to manipulate the probability of any lotto game.

So now, if all combinations have the same probability, what can we do to improve game strategy?

That’s the question we will try to answer next.

The Lotterycodex Combinatorial Patterns for the Tattslotto Game

In the lottery, dealing with two separate probability analyses prove to be problematic.

For example, a combination such as 1-2-3-4-5-6 is one of the best when we based our decision on the odd-even analysis.

However, we know that such a combination is a bad one based on the low-high analysis.

We need a better solution. The solution is to use advanced combinatorics. That is, we put all the factors together into one combinatorial equation.

Briefly, let me introduce to you how these advanced combinatorial patterns work.

Looking into all 45 numbers more deeply, we can develop more complex patterns that will help us separate the best combinations from the worst ones.

Odd-Even Combinations

The table below shows the complete odd-even combinations for the TattsLotto with their corresponding probability:

Pattern Favorable Combinations Probability
3-odd-3-even 2727340 0.33484590659860100
4-odd-2-even 2045505 0.25113442994895100
2-odd-4-even 1850695 0.22721686519190800
5-odd-1-even 740278 0.09088674607676310
1-odd-5-even 605682 0.07436188315371530
6-odd-0-even 100947 0.01239364719228590
6-even-0-odd 74613 0.00916052183777652
  8,145,060 1

I divide the odd-even combinations into three groups:

Best Patterns Good Patterns Bad Patterns
3-odd-3-even 4-odd-2-even All-even-numbers
  2-odd-4-even All-odd-numbers

Based on the table above, the best odd-even pattern in TattsLotto is the 3-odd-3-even pattern. If you notice, the probability of a 3-odd-3-even combination is 0.33484590659860100. This probability value only means that a combination composed of 3-odd-3-even occurs about 33 times in 100 draws. In comparison, a combination consisting of pure even numbers occurs only once in 100 draws.

As a Tattslotto player, you don’t want to waste your money on a combination whose composition is either 6-odd numbers or 6-even numbers.

Let me prove that probability dictates the results of the lottery using the actual TattsLotto results.

Other Features

Lottery Education Materials

Netlotto’s hidden strength? Its educational support for lottery players.

When it comes to lottery education, Netlotto does things a bit differently than other lottery sites. Sure, the comprehensive lotto glossary feels familiar, but it’s a different story when it comes to the individual lottery games.

Netlotto’s comprehensive glossary.

Most lottery sites include dollops of information about each game they offer inside their respective lottery pages, but not Netlotto.

If you scroll to the bottom of Netlotto’s website, you’ll find a download link for a comprehensive PDF file on all the games they offer. Netlotto gives you the detailed mechanics of each game plus other important rules you need to know.

The PDF lets you learn about the games at your own pace, but some might find it a heavy dose of information overload. Netlotto’s lottery games PDF is basically a wall of text. But, hey, at least they went out of their way to thoroughly educate players.

Ease of Use

While Netlotto’s website is generally easy to use, I did encounter a few issues.

Netlotto doesn’t deviate much from what other lottery websites are doing. The Netlotto website’s simple design and effective layout make it easy to navigate and play. Online lottery veterans and newcomers alike should have no problems getting around.

That said, Netlotto does stumble in some areas.

For starters, a dedicated link to their FAQ page is nowhere to be found. Clicking on the “Customer Service” link simply takes you to their Contact Us page. You’ll need to examine the Contact Us page closely for 3 quick links which, if clicked, will lead you straight to the FAQs. In short, finding Netlotto’s FAQs is a chore.

Clicking on the Quick Links is the only way to get to their FAQs.

Deposit and Withdrawal with Netlotto


Netlotto accepts only a few payment methods, which somewhat limits some players from playing.

Currently, Netlotto accepts 6 methods of payment, namely: Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Diners, BPAY, and bank transfers. 3 other payment methods (Poli, Skrill and PayPal) are listed as coming soon though, so you may want to keep an eye on Netlotto if you’re using any of those.


Netlotto only offers 2 withdrawal methods: bank and check.

Once winnings are in your account, you can withdraw any amount to your nominated bank account. In some cases, especially when it comes to prizes over $250AUD, it may take up to 48 hours to appear in your bank account. If you don’t want the winnings sent to your bank, you can also choose to request a check to be sent to your home. Below are the withdrawal processing fees:

Australia Overseas
Bank Transfer Check Bank Transfer Check
Free $1.00AUD $20AUD $1.00AUD

Composition matters

Earlier, I have explained that “numbers” and “combinations” are completely different.

A number refers to an individual ball in the lottery, and by itself doesn’t mean anything because you don’t win the lottery by hitting one ball.

You need a combination to win.

Precisely if combination matters, we have to implement a combinatorial strategy to understand the “finite structure” of the game and realize how all these numbers relate to each other when they are put together as a combination.

So, a combination is a selection of numbers that, when put together, create a unique characteristic.

For example, 2-4-6-8-10-12 is a combination composed of even numbers and low numbers (there are no high numbers and odd numbers). Such a combination takes the characteristic of being non-random.

Below are some examples of combinations with defined characteristics.

Combination Composition
1-2-25-26-37-38 3 sets of consecutive numbers
1-2-3-41-42-43 2 sets of consecutive numbers
20-23-25-26-27-29 All numbers are the 20s
17-18-19-20-21-22 Straight consecutive numbers

In my study, all these variations in composition divide the whole lotto game into combinatorial groups.

To get the best shot possible at winning the Tattslotto, you are encouraged to choose the group with the best ratio of success to failure. Meaning, choose the one with more opportunities to win and have less chance of losing.

This study of composition is the main topic around Lotterycodex patterns.

These advanced combinatorial patterns will tell you exactly which group will dominate the lottery draws over time.

We will talk about Lotterycodex patterns later below.

Now you know that odds and probability are not mathematically equivalent and that composition matters when picking the right combination, it’s time to delve into some strategies that will actually help you win.

Главные победители австралийских лотерей

Вероятность выиграть лотерею однажды может показаться слишком фантастической, но для нескольких удачливых австралийцев даже этого было недостаточно, и поэтому они выиграли дважды!

В феврале 2015 года появилось сообщение о группе подельников, которым удалось выиграть два отдельных дивидендных приза на сумму 866 108 долларов США, взяв объединенные выигрыши более чем на 1,7 миллиона долларов или 157 474 долларов США, в случае их разделения между каждым из 11 членов группы.

Неплохой результат, особенно если учесть, что второй билет фактически был куплен случайно — неформальный лидер их группы фактически намеревался купить билеты на два отдельных розыгрыша.

В 2013 году было три таких инцидента: один человек из Брисбена и два человека из Мельбурна сумели бросить вызов судьбе, дважды выиграв в субботнем лото. Человек из Брисбена сыграл свои обычные номера после покупки билета, но потом забыл, сделал ли он это или нет, и поэтому вернулся к игре снова. Результатом стало два выигрыша суммой в 820 000 долларов — всего 1,64 миллиона долларов!

Женщине из Мельбурна удалось выиграть два джекпота в субботнем лото, заработав $ 835,149.68.

В апреле 2013 года в газетах появились заголовки одного человека из Мельбурна, который дважды выиграл лото в течение шести недель. Первая победа позволила ему помочь погасить ипотеку, а вторую он выделил для ремонта дома — в сумме он выиграл 1,2 миллиона долларов.

В 2008 году еще один человек из Виктории, который пожелал остаться анонимным, сумел добиться невозможного выигрыша лото три раза подряд!

Наконец, мы подошли к душераздирающей истории о человеке, который является, пожалуй, везучим человеком в истории австралийских лотерей.

6 Lottery Games Offered

Regular Lottery Games

Netlotto has a limited selection of lottery games.

Currently, you can only play in 6 games, all of which are Australian lotteries. If you’re hoping to play in mega lotteries like the US Powerball, Euromillions or Mega Millions, Netlotto is definitely not the place. Sure, they do have the Australian version of Powerball, but the original, US-based powerball is the bigger—and more lucrative—of the two.

Here are the lotteries offered by Netlotto:

Lottery Games
Monday Lotto Oz Lotto Wednesday Lotto
Powerball Saturday Lotto The Pools

Why consider playing Netlotto’s games? At Netlotto, draws take place almost every day of the week:

  • Monday: Monday Lotto
  • Tuesday: Oz Lotto
  • Wednesday: Wednesday Lotto
  • Thursday: Powerball
  • Saturday: Saturday Lotto, The Pools

Fridays and Sundays are the only days of the week without draws. In other words, if you join all of Netlotto’s games, you have 6 chances of winning every week.


If single play games aren’t enough, Netlotto also offers group play lottery games.

Currently, there are a total of 12 syndicate games involving 4 lotteries. The games are as follows:

Syndicate # of Standard Games
Combo Systems 161
Solo Special 150
Guaranteed the Powerball 400
Saturday Tattslotto
Syndicate # of Standard Games
11 Numbers 462
8,9,10 322
Smart Systems 170
SuperDraw – High Roller 3404
Oz Lotto
Syndicate # of Standard Games
High Roller 3814
10 Ten’s 1200
Super 8’s 800
Mega SMART Systems 840
Monday Lotto
Syndicate # of Standard Games
Combo 310

The Three Best Combination Patterns In Australian TattsLotto

I have divided Australian Saturday Lotto patterns into three groups.

Best Group Middle Group Worst Group
Patterns #1, #2, #3 Patterns #4 to #20 Patterns #21 to #84
3 patterns 17 patterns 64 patterns

Based on the table above, you now have a good idea that the best way to play TattsLotto is to use patterns #1, #2, and #3. I highly recommend to always focus on these three important patterns.

The problem, the majority of the TattsLotto players are not aware of these patterns.

Often, they fell on combination patterns that will only waste their money. For example, the following combinations all belong to the worst types.

There are millions of these worst combinations in a 6/45 lottery game, but how do you know you are not using one of them.

If you are playing the Australian Saturday Lotto without knowing the probability of your combinations, you are blindly playing the game.

Now, I am not saying those combinations under the worst group will not occur. Of course, their occurrence is also possible. It’s just that the chances are unlikely according to probability calculation.

And you don’t want to risk your money for combinations that are unlikely to occur.

I recommend that you read the free guide. With this guide, players get the best shot possible at winning the jackpot with a mathematical strategy.

And the best thing is that you don’t need to calculate manually. A calculator is available for you.

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